Pikes Peak Home School Music

Pikes Peak Home School Music (PPHSM), founded by Bill Callen in 2001, is the only home school music program of its kind in Colorado. PPHSM fills a void in the curriculum and in the activities of home schooled children. Students have the opportunity to learn and play musical instruments and practice their vocal talents in an educational environmental setting with their peers.

Students, starting at the age of 8, hone their choice of musical instruments and/or singing ability, in a non-competitive, classroom-like setting. PPHSM is currently under the direction of Cecilia Martin (band, choir and symphony) and Rebekah Timbrook (strings and symphony).

We encourage parents to participate in these programs; either playing the instrument they played in their school years, or learning a new instrument along with their child.  This is a very unique opportunity not offered anywhere else.

The Pikes Peak Institute of Music (PPIOM) is a Colorado Nonprofit Educational Organization and a 501(c) (3) public charitable organization set up specifically to support the The Pikes Peak Home School Music program.